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My Community Visit

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Community Pharmacy Visit
Reflection is important as it allows us as students to look back at a particular event and help us improve for future references. In this piece of writing I will mainly use Gibbs reflective cycle[1] as it allows one to analytically reflect on events.
When I first got to the pharmacy it was very busy and the dispensary staff as well as the pharmacist seemed quite calm despite the queue of customers and patients, at first I felt under pressure as I was just only allowed to stand and observe rather than stepping in and helping, but all of the staff were composed; which is important especially in a community pharmacy setting as errors with respect to people’s prescription as well as dosage could happen if the pharmacist is under stress and doesn’t do final checks properly. As a result I learnt that stress is something that needs to be controlled and that outside factors shouldn’t affect work as there are many repercussions
Later in the day I spoke to other members of staff in the pharmacy and their role, from that I learnt about the skill mix and the importance of different professionals working together, this reinforced my IPE work because I was able to see how interpressionalism works in practice rather than in theory. Adding on to this a customer complained that the Doctor was taking long to write the prescription for him to take the prescription to the pharmacy, one of the major things I took from that situation is that there are some communication issues between different professionals. Understanding this will help me to begin building connections with other healthcare professionals, learning these skills now will be beneficial patients, GP’s are able to refer patients to a pharmacy for an MUR which will be beneficial to them as it shows them how to effectively use the medication they have been put on, overall promoting the health and...

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