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| Educator (Laptop) | Doctor (Laptop) | Movie Maker (Desktop) | Graphic Designer (Desktop) | Model | Dell | Dell | HP | Velocity Micro Raptor | RAM | 2GB | 4GB | 32GB | 16GB | Processor speed | 2.93GHz | 3.00GHz | 3.60GHz | 3.50GHz | Hard disk drive | 500GB | 1TB | 3TB | 2TB | Price | $157.93 | $169.99 | $1699.00 | $3174.00 |

We built three computers for 4 different career people. The first was an Educator which we built a Dell laptop containing 2GB of RAM, with a processor speed of 2.93GHz, 500 GB hard drive for the low price of just under $158. We felt the Educator needed a laptop to maintain her mobile lifestyle and we could save her money by only using 2GB of RAM as the data she will be using won’t require a lot of processing power. Our second customer was a Doctor which we decided a laptop would be best for his career as he takes work from the office/home on a daily basis. With all of the patient’s data we gave him a larger hard drive to store each patients file. Since most of the Doctors material will be in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel format he doesn’t require a large amount of RAM. Our third customer was a movie maker which requires an extremely large hard drive to support the small movie clips he will be storing for work. We chose a 32GB hard drive and 3.60GHz to support the motion speed of his films. Our fourth and final customer is a graphic designer which requires a high end graphic card and a large hard drive. So we gave him a 2TB hard drive to store all of his photos for his website creating...

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