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File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol[->0] used to transfer files from one host[->1] to another host over a TCP[->2]-based network, such as the Internet[->3].
Network File System (NFS) is a distributed file system[->4] protocol originally developed by Sun Microsystems[->5] in 1984,[1] allowing a user on a client computer[->6] to access files over a network[->7] in a manner similar to how local storage is accessed
Active Directory (AD) Like open directory- platform for exchange server. is a directory service[->8] created by Microsoft[->9] for Windows domain[->10] networks. It is included in most Windows Server[->11] operating systems.
Software as a service- Centralized hosting of business applications (SaaS, pronounced sæs or sɑs[1]), sometimes referred to as "on-demand software" supplied by ISVs[->12] or "Application-Service-Providers" (ASPs), [2] is a software[->13] delivery model in which software and associated data[->14] are centrally hosted[->15] on the cloud[->16]. SaaS is typically accessed by users[->17] using a thin client[->18] via a web browser[->19].
• Amazon Web Services[->20]
• Concur[->21]
• ENFOS[->22]
• Google Apps[->23]
• HP Cloud Services[->24]
• HubSpot[->25]
• iCloud[->26]
• Infor[->27]
• Locus Technologies[->28]
• Meltwater Group[->29]
• Microsoft Office 365[->30]
• Oracle[->31]
• Salesforce[->32]
• ServiceSource[->33]
• Windows Azure[->34]
• Workday[->35]
• Zoho Office Suite[->36]

OKTA- Single SIgn on and Automated User Management. Syncs up with LDPA, open Directory and Active Directory.

Microsoft Exchange Server is a mail server[->37], calendaring software[->38] and contact manager[->39] developed by Microsoft[->40]. It is a server[->41] program that runs on Windows Server[->42] and is part of the Microsoft Servers[->43] line of products.

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