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Course Overview The objective of the subject is to make students conversant with a set of management guidelines which specify the firm’s product-market position, the directions in which the firm seeks to grow and change the competitive tools it will employ, the strengths it will seek to exploit and the weaknesses it will seek to avoid. Strategy is a concept of the firm’s business which provides a unifying theme for all its activities.

Course Syllabus
Group I: Defining Strategic Management, Characteristics of Strategic Management Types and Hierarchy, Formulation of Strategy: Various Stages and Components of Strategic Management, Determination of various objectives like corporate, divisions and departmental objectives: Vision, Mission and Purpose, Environmental Scanning: Internal & External environment, Types of Strategies, Guidelines for crafting strategies, Tailoring strategies to fit specific Industry.

Group II: Strategic Analysis and Choice: Environmental Threat and Opportunity Profile (ETOP), Organizational Capability Profile – Strategic Advantage Profile, Corporate Portfolio Analysis – SWOT Analysis, Synergy and Dysergy – GAP Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces Model of Competition, Mc Kinsey’s 7s Framework, GE 9 Cell Model, Distinctive competitiveness – Selection of matrix while considering all models discussed above, Implementation of strategy: Analysis and development of organizational policies-marketing, production, financial, personnel and management information system, Strategy implementation: Issues in implementation – Project implementation – Procedural implementation.

Group III: Resource Allocation (Technological and demand forecasting)- Budgets – Organization Structure – Matching structure and strategy, Behavioural issues – Leadership style – Corporate culture – Values – Power – Social responsibilities – Ethics-…...

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