My Dream House

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My Dream House

My dream house will be a big house that have small flower-garden in front of the house. Also, there would be enough space for playground. So that everyday all my kids can play there. On the backyard, there will be a medium swimming pool with a wide place wherein it would be a nice place to enjoy on every weekend with my family. Moreover, my dream house will be a three-storey house that will be made of stone outside and wood inside. On the first floor, there will be a lot of space. The living room, kitchen, dining room, and laundry room will be located in the first floor. The wall must be have blue which is my favourite colour. Along the hallway, there would be family-pictures and achievements hanging in there. Then on the living room, there will be a big sofa where I and my family could relax and watch our favourite movies comfortably and a big chandelier that light up the whole living room. The dining room and kitchen room must be near each other. Next to the dining room, it would be a normal laundry room where I can do the washing up and iron clothes. And on the second floor, it will be have one master bed room and three medium bed rooms and for each room will have one bathroom. On the master bed room, there will be a small balcony so that every time my parents wake up, they can breeze some fresh air directly. Also, the other three rooms will be intended for the other members of the family, wherein each of the room will have the different colour as the sleeper want. For the third floor, it will be only one extra room that have a small room in it. At the right corner of that door, it will be an office room that have a big book-shelf and a comfortable chair with a medium table which I can keep everything on it. In front of the office room it will be a beautiful bed with the colour of blue and a cute makeup-desk near it. In conclusion, my dream house…...