My Dream Travel Destination

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My Dream Travel Destination
We not only broaden our horizons but also open our eyes to the world by traveling. And we also can experience different culture through the trip. We will be sure to experience many new things when traveling.

My dream travel destination is Australia. It is the largest country in Oceania, and most of its people live in the east of the country by the sea. Because the climate there is warm and comfortable, many people spend vocations there. And there are many tourist attractions. The environment there is very suitable for many kinds of animals and plants. There are many various loveable animals like koalas, kangaroos and a variety of birds in Australia. We can see many animals we have never seen in Taiwan. Kangaroos are very lovely and representative animals of Australia. We could not only see kangaroos but also touch the kangaroo. That would be a memorable experience!

“Sydney Opera House” is one of the most famous buildings in the world. The appearance of the building is like a seashell. As the most significant landmark of Sydney even Australia, it is the most photographed place. Many world-class plays are shown in it. Another famous tourist attraction I want to visit in Australia is “Ayers Rock (Uluru)”. It is a magnificent landscape and be listed in world heritage. The characteristic of the rock is the color changing at different time in a day. The color of the rock becomes scarlet during sunset and daybreak. It is fascinating scene!

Based on the above reasons, my dream travel destination is Australia.…...