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Dear, Mr. Erazo
Name: Mi Young Lee
Class: English Level 3
My Dream
My dream is to become a beauty school instructor. I think I should learn how to speak better English. I think this is because English is very important when you communicate in America. Then I would like to go to a beauty school to get my beauty license. After 3 years I will have to take another beauty instructor exam. Then my plan is to open a beauty school with my husband. To open the beauty school I will work hard on my English to achieve my goal. The way I will work on my English is by working on spelling, grammar, and my accent. At my beauty school I will teach how to hair designing skills. With the money I earn from the beauty school I want to help the low-income people. I want to help by donating money and teaching them for less. I want to make more schools around the nation. I want to make it like the school Paul Mitchell. What I like about Paul Mitchell is that the graduates have more potential to do better and I like how they are very professional. The reason I want to make a beauty school is because I have a talent in designing hair and my husband supports me with his work. He has a hair replacement business that I am currently helping with him right now. He supports me by encouraging me to work in the hair business and teach in the beauty industry. I have big hopes in my dreams because I know that if I work hard I will succeed in making my very own beauty school. I know this because I work hard and my husband supports me very much. I know he will help me succeed in my dream.
Mi Young Lee…...