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My Embarrassing Eveperienceat the Dmv

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Taylor Smith
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My Embarrassing Experience at the DMV When I walked outside of the DMV to my car, I looked at my friends embarrassed and disappointed. I never wanted to return there again. I walked back to the car in tears with my head down. I wanted to go back home, instead of going to school, and go lay in my bed to cry all day. I didn’t want to hear what my friends had to say, but I knew it was coming. “What happened girl?” “You will be ok!” “How many mistakes did you make?” “When do you have to come back?” My reply to every question was, “I don’t know, leave me alone!” This was an embarrassing situation for me. I never thought I would fail my first drivers test. I had 3 tests to take, the two written parts and actual driving test. First, I passed my two written parts and the actual driving tests (the signs test and written test). Then, I had to take the driving test. I was nervous, but also confident. I had never driven for a stranger before, but my instructor seemed to be nice. As we made it to the car, I kept getting nervous by the second. Next, I had to check the blinkers so my instructor could know they were working properly. After testing the blinkers, my instructor was ready for me to begin my test. I pulled out of the DMV, and was told to make a left turn and pull out onto the highway. So far I was doing great. My first stop sign was coming ahead. I was scared, but I did great making a complete stop. After I had been driving for a while, I saw my instructor writing notes on her paper. I started to get discouraged. I thought I was doing something wrong. Finally when we were almost through with driving, my instructor told me to make a left turn and drive into traffic. I made a mistake then by accidently pulling out in front of a car, and we almost had a wreck. That’s why I failed my first driving test. I was so hurt and embarrassed when I didn’t get my driver’s license. I felt like a failure. All my friends had gotten their licenses, and I didn’t. My instructor told me to come back in a month. During the break that I had till it was time to come back, I practiced constantly. Finally, after a month had passed, I was ready to take my driving test again. I went back to the DMV, and my instructor was ready for me to drive again. All over again I had to check my blinkers and drive for my instructor. As I was driving, I saw my instructor writing down notes again. I started to get discouraged all over again. This time my instructor started explaining all the things I did wrong. I felt like an idiot. I also was getting embarrassed all over again. The only thing better about this time was that I didn’t pull out in front of a car, or almost wreck!
When we were done driving my friends were waiting for me. I knew what they were going to ask when they saw me. They asked, “Did you pass?” I just shrugged my shoulders because I didn’t know. My instructor did the same thing. I wanted to cry right then and there. I sat down waiting, just embarrassed as I was the first day. Then my instructor asked me to go in the front and take a picture for my license. I was so happy! I was glad I did not have to go through this embarrassment again.

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