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My Experience in a New Country

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I arrived in the United States in 1994 from China. My mother and I decided to immigrate in order to give me a better education and opportunities that I otherwise would not have gotten back in China. Because my mother wanted the best possible education for me, she was very adamant that I go to a good school that will give me various opportunities to better myself as a person and allow me to pursue a degree that would lead to a satisfactory career. As a result, choosing a college was somewhat difficult. I had to choose something that was nearby and affordable, while also offering the degree I wanted and opportunities I needed. Naturally, my choice was MIT, and given the proximity to my house as well as the affordability and the great curriculum, I chose MIT easily. Fortunately, for me I made the right choice, as the professors are very courteous and friendly, and the curriculum is not too difficult. When not going to school I usually spend time at the gym, playing various sports, or relaxing at home with my cat. One of the things I had to leave behind aside from my friends and family when we moved was my pet birds. As a result, my house felt empty and a few years after moving here, we got a cat. His name is Bobby, and although he is sometimes annoying, he brings a very positive energy to my household.
The number of things going through my mind on the first day of college were uncountable. I was very worried and scared at the same time. I was afraid my professors were going to be mean and strict, who would give a lot of work and not bother to get to know the students themselves. Even good colleges sometimes have bad professors. Anything is possible. I was also afraid that my financial aid wasn’t going to go through, and work. I was scared that I was going to be all alone with no friends. I have yet to make friends at MIT , but I am trying not to let it get me down. I...

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