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My Experience in the Writing Process

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My Experience in the Writing Process

This semester I was surprised by how much I actually learned and developed my writing skills. I was given the opportunity to learn the many steps that it is required to become a good writer. Writing requires a lot of work. It consists of various steps; prewriting, drafting, rewriting, proofreading and publishing. . All of these components are extremely important, and necessary, and will need to be follow to improve student’s writing.

I feel my writing has improved due to the help of the writing process and all the writing assignments I experienced. I was able utilized each of these components this semester. I wrote various journals and two essays, which were very challenging to me. The first essay I was asked to write, was a Narrative essay about an experience in which later I questioned my actions. At first, I was very nervous due to I have never written an essay before. I did not even know where to begin.

I struggled during the whole process of writing the essay. My biggest problem of all was putting my thoughts in order so I could make sense of what I wanted to say. I brainstorm for days trying to figure out a topic. With the help of the eLearning text information on module 2, how to choose a topic and develop a working thesis I was able to come up with a topic. I finally came up with, Moving away from Friends and Family. Thanks to Module 3, Introduction to Narrative Essay, and the examples that were provided, I was able to start developing my essay. This essay meant a lot to me due to this was a hard decision that I have been living with for a very long time. This essay was about the time I was rushed to make a decision to move from New Jersey to Key West, where I did not know anyone. I had to leave my friends and family behind and deprive my children for growing up around their family. Even though it was not...

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