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My Favorite Brand Paper

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Favorite Brand Paper
There are several brands that I use on a daily basis but my favorite brand hands down is Apple, Inc. The product in particular that has created my romance with this company would be the IPhone. I have been using the IPhone since the first day it arrived on June 29, 2007 and I have been a loyal consumer up to my recent purchase of the IPhone 6 Plus, last month. Apple, Inc. has over $100 billion in sales and increased in sales every year consistently since its launch. I am committed to the quality, innovation, design, and simplicity that Apple, Inc. has provided to me consistently over the last 7 years.
Apple, Inc. starts with a commitment to producing the very best product or service that you can imagine. This promise started when the late Steve Jobs took the CEO position at Apple, Inc. and created a marketing blitz with the launch of the IPhone, IPod, and IPad. On January 9, 2007 Steve Jobs delivered the most incredible keynote speech of his life and quite possibly the best in the history of consumer electronics (, 2014). Steve Jobs said,” That he would be introducing a wide screen IPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a breakthrough internet device.” It was not going to be three separate products but one innovative product the IPhone.
The world’s most successful brands don’t become (or remain) the world’s most successful brands without deep dedication to their customer’s needs. Apple’s customer service is legendary. Spend five minutes in any one of their retail stores and you’ll experience it for yourself: * Friendly, knowledgeable, staff welcomes you the moment you walk in. * Purchases never require standing in line -- they come to you. * Your new iPhone/iPad/Mac will be set up just the way you want it, right there in the store, by a friendly person who genuinely seems to care about YOU.
If you…...

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