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My Favorite Meal

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My favorite meal
My favorite meal can be classified two meanings. One is your meal you having every day, the other one are special festival meal. Something is flashing in my brain, oh! That’s my favorite meal. I remember my mother took my brother and me to have our buffet in the magnificent hotel. It was an unforgettable, extraordinary and delightful memory in my life. The dainty of every kind in there are appetizing and palatable. I can felt the cookers cooked every cuisine with passionate. So let me tell my wonderful 11th birthday experience to you.
In that day morning, all of us woke up premature, even the cock had not rowed yet. It seemed everyone got rid of the bad habit because we usually slept inertia. Maybe my mother spoil me and wanted me have an inconceivable birthday. She came out from the kitchen, holding a plate in her palm of hand. I can saw there were a sunny side up egg, several slice of duck’s brisket and a stick of sausage. In addition, she served me my favorite beverage soda. After we finished our breakfast, we went to our destination by bus. We took 961 and there was a mainland citizen behind me. We were lining up and ready to get in the bus. At that moment I can felt she nudged my back and I really abhor it. Seriously, I loathed their outrageous and absurd behavior. After validated my octopus card, I went to upper deck and I found it was full of seat. It indicated I need to stand in the bus over the whole journey. I went down the stair reluctantly. Because of my bad mood, I could not realize I dropped my wallet from my pant pocket. Fortunately, the woman who nudged me before pat my shoulder lightly and reminded me my wallet was on the floor. After this matter, it changed my preconception against the mainland people and I acknowledge there was little part of them obliging, benevolent and courteous.
Finally we arrived at the hotel. I past the elegant revolving door and went to the lobby. Oh my God, the chandeliers hanging over the ceiling were spectacular! And then I look over the wall, it filled with the beautiful and artistic genre. We can felt the aristocratic atmosphere penetrated the whole hotel. It’s buffet time! We walked through the restaurant and saw tremendous sorts of cuisine. There were baked lobsters with cheese, variety of desserts that will make me licking my fingers, etc… One of my favorite desserts was tiramisu. And it was bearing no resemblance to the usual. You will be obsessed by the savory smell. And the mouthfeel was also great. Eating the delectable cuisine with champagne, it’s the greatest moment I ever had.
“wa! Oh my god! The champagne was spattered/splashed on my pants.!” I said it wrathfully. My hand hit the goblet carelessly and it dropped on my pants. It took all fun out of it and infuriated me. My brother didn’t do any things that would aggravate my indignation. My mother consoled me with her gentle words and magnetic voice, my resentment against my carelessness get out of my mind spontaneously. Suddenly, an exquisite birthday cake appeared on the table. I was surprised. I felt an immense gratitude to have such an benevolent whose are always affectionate with me.

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