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My Fear by Lawrence Raab struck me as a simplistic poem when first read. Upon the first reading I understood that Raab was talking about the emotion of fear, but once I read it again you couldn’t help but pick up on the obvious personification that Raab uses. I believe that to be the overall literary device that he uses in this poem. He refers to fear, an emotion, as “he” and “mister” giving it a much more personal backbone. “Mr. Fear” shows how Raab has respect for him and what he does. He doesn’t want fear to not exist, but instead he acknowledges fear’s existence. Raab gives fear its own emotions by saying, “Maybe he smiles when he finds the right one. Maybe he’s sorry.” I also feel like in this poem, Raab is talking about a nightmare. Nightmares always induce fear into our peaceful rest. The poem talks about dreams and what fear has in store for them. He also asks fear to make his burden he takes from him to be small and easy to get rid of.
I tried to find some underlying meaning to the part of the poem where it says, “Fear, let me have a small brown bat and a purse of crickets...,” but I still wasn’t sure. A brown bat might represent a boy because boys play baseball and the purse would represent a girl. But I was still unaware how it tied into the fear notion.
The overall theme that Raab is trying to get across with this poem is that fear is alive. It’s an emotion everyone feels, but it is also something that lives inside each person. It feeds off our deepest thoughts (“black sack of troubles”) and it is always with us (“follows us, he keeps track.”)

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