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Current Earth population as of 10-1-13 7,181,904,936 Reference: GeoHive (1 January 2013) GeoHive population. United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs. Retrieved from:
Earths maximum capacity limits are estimated at 9 to 10 billion by the scientific community. This is based on maximum available lands for farming and agriculture productions or basic sustainability.
United Nations reports that the world populations will reach maximum capacity of 9 million by 2050 and 10million by 2100 at the current increase rate of 32k people per year. Reference: Wolchover, Natalie (11 October 2011) How Many People Can Earth Support? Live Science. Retrieved from:
Manifest Destiny - A basic human instinct to inevitably seek territorial expansion. Reference: Manifest Destiny. (2013). In Encyclopedia Britannica. Retrieved from
Due to current limitations in Aero space travel and technology our colony ship would be limited in size. Thus giving a maximum initial colony size of 1500 person's with a must population increase to 10k within the first 20 years . As Professor Robin Fox of Rutgers University suggests "That a total population of 10k or more within one generation is needed in order to decrease the rate of negative recessive genes due to inbreeding".
The initial colony of 1500 people should consist of the most basics. Such as a governing body, enforcement or military, Scientific trades, construction/labor trades, agricultural trades, and social services professionals. A basic concept of an "ARC" thought process will insure a solid infrastructure and self-preservation of the new colony....

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