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My First Accident

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Course Prefix and Number: ENGL 111
Course Title: English Composition I Number of: Credit Hours 3 Lecture Hours 3 Lab Hours 0

Catalog Description: Expository writing to practice traditional rhetorical modes and strategies, to increase analytical clarity, and to achieve precise expression. Grade of C or higher required. Prerequisite: Grade of C or higher in ENGL 107, or placement by ACT English Score or by SAT Writing Score: students whose ACT English Score is from 18 to 29 or whose SAT Writing Score is from 430 to 650 will be placed in ENGL 111. Offered Fall and Spring. Prerequisite(s) / Corequisite(s): Grade of C or higher in ENGL 107, or placement by ACT English Score or by SAT Writing Score: students whose ACT English Score is from 18 to 29 or whose SAT Writing Score is from 430 to 650 will be placed in ENGL 111. Course Rotation for Day Program: Offered Fall and Spring. Text(s): Most current editions of the following:

Many English Composition texts are available. The recommended choices listed below are numerous, so please read the complete listings carefully.

Required texts must include:
• A handbook (choose from texts 1-4 below);
• A rhetoric (choose from texts 5-10 below); and,
• An anthology of expository writing.
Combinations of these are also available (texts 11-16 below).

Note: For locations where it is necessary to continue in ENGL 112 with at least one text used in ENGL 111, texts 14-16 below are approved for...

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... Human relations 1. In my opinion of why the book is named half a life is because half Darin’s life ago the event with the car crash happened. In the book close to the end when he is presently weighting the book he says that the event happen half a life ago. He sounds like that at the end he is starting to heal mentally. So half of his life was spent in a mental punishment and torment. Half his life is over now and he is better. He has a wife and a kid, he has a good job, and his life is improving. The pain he had to go though was probably tuff, and I am glad I do not have to go through that myself. A weak willed person would have not been able to make it through this tuff challenge in life. A weak willed person might have died as well as the victim of the accident. Darin had to be a strong willed man to be able to make it through this tuff trial in this life, but he made it through and has a lot to show for it. Billy Joe Half a Life Human relations 2. I think that he calls his emotional reactions plagiarized because he was doing what he thought anyone would do in the situation. He pulled over and parked the car and he got out to see if she was ok and to get help. Strauss thought that he should act a certain way when the help were trying to save her. He felt like that is was not actually happing to him like it was someone else’s story. When his dad showed up that’s when he realized that it was happing in his life. At first he was okay not really......

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