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My Future as an Attorney: Junior Project

Demetria Jant English IV Ms. Hill May 9, 2016

My career was an important factor to me but to see if I had a compatible match with others careers I to a test to see. I took a test on O*NET and I turned out to I scored (27 in Artistic) ( 22 in Enterprising) (20 in Investigative). thus showing with Artistic that i'm more likely to work in a place where I’d be using my hands and imagination. For the enterprising showing that I’m capable Persuading and leading people. Making important life changing decisions and Taking risks for profits. My investigative skills were a few points less than my enterprising score, my ability to search for the truth solve some complex problems career field.

The second test that was administered similar but different Enterprising was my highest score which was (12) which is in Enterprising my score in Realistic was (5), Investigative I scored an (4) my score for Artistic was a (6) but in Social I received a (9), for Conventional I received the lowest of many scored (4). The jobs that had came with theses positions were: Lawyer This job was my life choice and no matter what on both test it's always what i get recommended that im good for or i should do.
Sheriff and deputy sheriff, I can see myself with this job but then again I can’t it’s not what i need this job does provide a protective service to the public but in the streets and that’s not for me i’d rather be inside a courtroom or office. Poets, Lyricists and Creative Writers
This is…...

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