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My Grandmother Death Change My Life

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The death of my grandmother really changed my life. The feeling of being alone really breaks my heart knowing that my grandmother left from this world. I lost my grandmother and this experience shattered my perspective of life. Losing a loved one is like having your wisdom tooth pulled without any anesthesia. My grandmother passed when I was twelve years old, emotions such as shock, anger, and guilt came into me. However when I try to think about her death in my mind, yet unable to completely think about the sadness. These feelings can be frightening and overwhelming, however I learned to cope with the fact that death is going to happened either way. Each individual has someone in their lives who makes a positive impact in them, even after they are gone. Following the death of my beloved grandmother’s, my perspective on life has greatly changed. My grandmother’s dream was to see me graduate from college . Unfortunately for her, she only made it half way.
To this day, I'm still here trying to complete my college education. Being raised in a strict, family oriented background helped me succeed throughout t my life. She raised me same way she was brought up, and for that I am appreciative.

There’s always one experience in life that either makes you or breaks you, and having my son has definitely made me who I am. Before I had my son Jayvee, my life was was completely different but now everything has changed for the better. I’ve never love anyone or anything like the way I loved him. Being a mother is absolutely amazing. The things my son learns and teaches everyday are also amazing and also make me better. There’s no way I could ever not want him in life.

Before I had my son, people would say that I was a complete different person. I was a little wild and crazy. Don’t get me wrong I was the stupidest...

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