My Ideal Career

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My Ideal Career
My ideal career lies in the law field. I have not decided on one particular law career yet because I do not yet know enough about the different types of law, but the ones that I think do sound interesting are mediation, family law, and paralegal. A paralegal can work in any area of the law. They can work in family law, criminal law, etc, and also in the mediation field.
What made you interested in the law in the first place?
I think mediation sounds interesting because a mediator helps people settle their disputes outside the court room in a peaceful way. Mediators need to have excellent reasoning, problem-solving, and peace-making abilities (The Princeton Review, 2012). This appeals to me because I am more of a peaceful person and do not really like conflict or arguing, though I can stand my ground if I need to. According to the Princeton Review, a good mediator is honest, neutral, encouraging, listens well, and has excellent communication skills (The Princeton Review, 2012). I have all of these skills, especially the honest part, down well. In fact, my dad is always telling me I am too honest and I could never get away with doing anything wrong when I was little because I would always give myself away. hahaha
Family law is interesting because I like the idea of helping families through the hard parts of life. Family court lawyers handle divorce, guardianship, prenuptial agreements, adoptions, parental rights, custody cases, and the financial and tax implications from these cases. They need to enjoy working with people, be able to win their client’s trust, and think logically, and also creatively, in order to handle their cases ( If I became a family court lawyer I would mostly want to deal with the cases involving children, especially the ones involving child services, because I believe children are the ones that get the…...