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My Ideal Career: Becoming a Lawyer
John Shand
Kaplan University
Professor Anderson
January 6, 2014

My Ideal Career: Becoming a Lawyer
My career goal has recently changed to becoming a lawyer. I’m mainly aiming for criminal lawyer and eventually have my own law firm. What makes becoming a lawyer so attractive to me is simply the fact that I can make a difference in someone’s life or simply make someone feel safer by knowing their assailant is behind bars. There are two important factors that got me interested in law the first was when I joined the Marine Corps, was fascinated by military law and I wanted to joined in that field. I didn’t get that job but I was still able to learn part of the legal system. The second factor that pushed and inspired me more to be a lawyer was after a family member was taken advantage of when I was sixteen, I realized that I wanted to make sure that no one has any chance to put anyone through what they went through or at least do my best to prevent it.
I’d like to start at a small firm on an internship once I have my bachelor’s degree so I can gain experience and more knowledge as well as get comfortable with the work environment. While working at the small firm I’ll continue my schooling to get my master’s degree. While going to school to obtain my master’s degree, I will be gaining more knowledge and experience from my job. I hope to move up in the firm and slowly branch to a bigger firm once I have enough experience. In the midst of all that I’ll also be studying for my LSAT’s so that by the time I graduate with my bachelor’s I’ll be ready to take the LSAT exam.
After successfully completing my LSAT exam, I’ll begin the process of admission essays and campus tours of law schools in my off time from the firm. By that I hope to have built a decent portfolio and resume with the firms to present to the any of the…...