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My Ideal House

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My ideal house

My ideal house would cost a great many thousands of dollars and therefore, even if I am very successful in life, I do not suppose that I shall possess it for a very long time. However there is no harm in dreaming, especially if the dream provides the driving force to turn fantasy into fact.
As I live in Singapore, i would like my ideal house to be situated either on one of the residential estates, right outside the bustle of the city center, or on one of the coast roads so that the cool breezes from the ever beautiful China sea could waft through my windows. Wherever my house was, it would stand in it sown grounds so that I would not, on any side, be over-looked by neighbors. The gardens, with which it would be surrounded would be very beautiful, full of colorful tropical flowers; orchids and canna lilies and with many glowing flowering shrubs such as bougainvillaea and frangipani. There would be tall leafy trees for shade and underneath them, my private swimming bath would be built, where we could relax and swim in the heat of the day. there would be pleasant paths winding through the green grass and comfortable seats where my family and I could rest, when the day's toil was over.

The house itself would be built of white stone which is both cool and weather-proof. It would be on two storeys, because I like the habit of sleeping upstairs. It would embody features from both the Eastern and Western worlds. In front of it, I would have a large path with cool concrete pavings for the floor and a roof and sides of hanging creepers to which the humming birds would come in the still of the evening and keep company with us as we sat in the twilight.

The main sitting-room would lead off from the patio divided from it by sliding glass doors. The floor of this would be of parquet which is easy to keep clean and cool. Here, there would be...

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