My Ideal Job

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My Ideal Job
What do you want to do when you graduated from your university? Do you want to be a white collar or a manager in a company? Do you want to be a teacher in a school? Or do you want to be an actor or actress? I will say no. I have my own dream job even it looks like ordinary – an owner of a special store. My special store is a combination of a coffee shop and bookstore. We serve drinks, desserts, and all kinds of books. We also serve wireless network for all of our customers, they can bring their laptop here, and we will provide free desserts to our customers every three hours. People can come to this store for relaxing or studying. Imagine that you come to a store and buy a cup of your favorite drinks, then, you sit at the corner and pick one of your favorite books from the bookshelf, and enjoy both of them in your remaining time. Will it sound amazing? That is what I want to do during the rest of my life.
If you do not put your dream into action, the dream would only be a dream, it will not become a reality. For achieving my dream, I have to complete my Bachelor’s degree first. My major in my university is finance, and this is relevant to my future job. I can take some major courses about finance first cause manage finances is the basic skill to start my own business. And I can also take some management and marketing courses to prepare for my future job. During my university life, I have to study hard and try my best to obtain scholarships or I can do some part-time jobs in the school to earn some money because I can deposit this money as my capital in the future.
When I graduated from university, I have to look for a work. I will first find a job in a coffee store, this will make me learn a lot of skills and knowledge about how to make drinks and also can help me know what kinds of drinks are popular among customers. I can also learn something about…...