My Ideal Person

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Name: Tholtha Sakadavitou Room: Kirirom
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My Ideal Person
Some people were born in a rich and happy family, but some other were born in a poor and unhappy family. For me, my parents are the most important people in the world. They did not give me birth, but they also provide me the knowledge and many other. But a person who always help and support me is my father.

My father is a person who is intelligent in the family. He is a good leader and active person. He controls all members in the family very well. He is a strong and serious person. If he want to do something, he tried his best to do it untitled he succeeds. My father always care about me because when I go to school or enjoy my friend's party ,he always tells me not to come back too late and be careful with driving. He is a person who is honest and reliable. I remember when I was studying grade 12, he had promise to buy me a new motorbike if I passed pass the final exams and got grade A or B. After I passed and grade B, he bought me a new motor bike .I was really happy that he respect his promise. He is a supportive person too. For example, when I have some problems about my works or my friends, he always give me words of wisdom and good advice. He always support and make me happy whenever I met problems, or I'm upset because of something. However my father is also a person doesn't has all kind of good behaviors too. When he drunk he like too much and finds some problem to blame me and my brother. After all, he is my father and I love him.

In conclusion, my ideal person is the person who is one of the greatest and modest people who have good personalities like my father. I always admire him .I will never let him down.…...