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Dear respondents, Greetings!We, the researcher of the College of Radiologic Technology with thesis entitled Effects of leadership skills of Program Head in the Performance of Teaching and Non- Teaching Staff would like to solicit your support by answering the following questions pertaining to the above topic. Please be assured that your responses will be treated with strict confidentiality and the data will be gathered will only be used for the purpose of the study.
Set (A) Teaching and Non-Teaching staff
Direction: Kindly put a check for your answer on the space provided The following are the assigned points and verbal interpretations. 4– Always | 3- Sometimes | 2 – Often | 1 - Never |

Questions | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 | Vision | | | | | 1. Focus on the big picture | | | | | 2. Ambitious | | | | | Confidence | | | | | 3. Know his/her self | | | | | 4. Decisive | | | | | 5. Control Stress | | | | | 6. Accept Criticism | | | | | People skills | | | | | 7. Listen | | | | | 8. Flexible | | | | | 9. Supportive | | | | | Motivation skills | | | | | 10 Encourage People | | | | | 11. Celebrate Success | | | | | 12. Help out | | | | | Responsibility | | | | | 13. Accept Blame | | | | | 14. Solve Problem | | | | | 15. Lead by example | | | | | Integrity | | | | | 16. Do the right thing | | | | | 17. Honest | | | | | 18. Avoid Gossip | | | | | 19. Do his/her best | | | | |

Dear respondents, Greetings!We, the researcher of the College of Radiologic Technology with thesis entitled Effects of leadership skills of Program Heads in the Performance of Teaching and Non- Teaching Staff would like to solicit your support by answering the following questions pertaining to the above topic. Please be assured that your responses will be treated with strict confidentiality and the data will be gathered will only be used for the purpose of the study.
Set (B) Program Head
Direction: Kindly put check for your answer on the space provided The following are the assigned points and verbal interpretations. 4 – Always | 3- Sometimes | 3 - Seldom | 1 - Never |

Questions | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 | 1. The staffs becomes more responsible | | | | | 2. They learn to be productive | | | | | 3. Develops their self for beingOrganize in work | | | | | 4. Staffs become well- oriented | | | | | 5. .Comes up with better judgement | | | | | 6. They become open minded | | | | | 7. Establish better relationship with colleagues | | | | | 8. Improves their performance | | | | | 9. They become more obedient | | | | | 10. Develops self confidence | | | | |

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