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My true identity
“Who am I?”, “What is my identity?” these are the two questions I often ask myself. To me, identity can be defined as who you are or what makes you different from others. I am no different from my classmates. I go to school, eat, play, sleep and do my homework like you all do, yet there is something that makes me different from you. That is my true identity.
The famous poet Alfred Tennyson wrote “I am a part of all that I have met”. This quote helps me define identity because I believe that my identity is a sum of all that I have seen, experienced and learned from my surrounding.
Every single person has a unique identity. Family, culture, friends and surrounding environments are important elements that shape your identity. To show my true identity, I will have to take you to a journey back through my life.
I was born in India, in a cosmopolitan city called Bangalore. My mom and dad were living there as part of their work. My mom hails from the southern part of India and dad from the northern mountainous region. They speak two different languages and follow different religious beliefs. I was fortunate to have the best of two worlds in front of me to explore. I learnt quite a lot about two different cultures and beliefs from my parents. The example set by my parents taught me to broaden my mind and be tolerant to all religions. When my family migrated to Australia, it opened up a wonderful opportunity for me to further enrich my identity. I have also acquired some of my tastes from my parents. For example, my mom used to read a lot. I see that my love of reading and drawing are encouraged by my mom. Similarly, my dad taught me to be fearless and creative in life.
Culture plays a good role in shaping your identity. Where you grow up, who you spend time with and what you watch on TV and what you learn from school, all of these shape your identity. Your background and upbringing is what sets you apart from others because no one has been raised the same way. For example, growing up in a city vs the countryside creates two cultural influences. When I look back, I feel that learning from different cultures have helped me in shaping my true identity.
I believe that my friends have also contributed to my identity. As the saying goes: “birds of a feather flock together”. Friends influence the way you think and act. I have made friends with boys and girls of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. My friends were very kind and they taught me how to care about others when someone is having a problem or simply having a bad day.
Identity is not always what you show up as to others. A good example is how some people show up in social media these days. You may come across adventurous photos of people on facebook but in actual life they wouldn’t dare stepping out of their house. The guy who poses with a fresh catch from the sea may be afraid of entering waters. So, one has to be careful in making an assessment of the true identity of a person.
I have become the person I am today because of my parents, my teachers, my friends, surroundings and the cultures and believes that have observed. I believe that to develop a good identity, you have to choose well in life. What we decide, how we behave and who is placed around us all matters in shaping your identity. As a great philosopher once said, “Identity is memory”. Only by having a true identity you will be able to leave a lasting impression in the minds of people.

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