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My Impression in Living in the City

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My Impression in Living in the City

Living in the city means to have easier access to any resources we may need, like having nearby marketplace, hospital, mall, and school however the common perception about cities is that they were dangerous because it is where criminals usually attack for there are greater mass of people that causes pollution due to smoke from vehicles. Although, cities are where you also find bigger and brighter opportunities for you to live a better life because of advance technologies and system of education.

I have lived in this city all my life. It is where I was born, grew up, and first learned how to write and count and develop into a matured young woman. This city has always been a big part of me because it witnessed all my special moments, sweet smiles, hardships and struggles that caused my eyes to cry in tears. Although, an Ideal home for us is very hard and tricky to find because there are factors to consider before we can decide on which home to invest in that lead us to keep moving from house to house so I can consider myself as NPA or No Permanent Address in this city. Since we moved out from my grandparents’ house and got separated from living with my relatives we got to experience to move from house to house and due to this I got to transfer to different schools that lead me to making more new friends.

Despite of all this, I have been blessed. I have been lucky enough to experience many different walks of life. I know that if I had to live in an urban setting, I could find a place to belong there with my family. While I like to dream about settling down in a place with an open view of the sunset and clear, bright stars above me each night, I know that I can make my home wherever life takes me. I hope that in this city I can make all my dreams and ambitions in life come to reality.

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