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UIICL AO 2016 Pattern and Syllabus

UIICL AO 2016 Pattern and Syllabus
By Aruna - May 7, 2016

Dear Aspirants,
Here we are providing you the exam pattern & detailed syllabus for United India Insurance
Administrative Officer (Generalist). The Online Exam(objective & Descriptive test) will be held on 12.06.2016.(Tentative).

UIICL AO 2016 Exam Pattern
Exam Syllabus
Total No of Questions: 50
Maximum Marks: 50
The topics to be covered for Reasoning Ability are­ao­2016­pattern­syllabus/



UIICL AO 2016 Pattern and Syllabus

Machine Input/Output
Blood Relation
Direction Sense
Puzzles – Seating Arrangement(North – South, Circular, Rectangle) Floor puzzle, etc.
Coding Decoding
Statement and Assumptions/Conclusions
English Language
Total No of Questions: 40
Maximum Marks: 40
The topics to be covered in this section are
Reading comprehension including Synonyms and Antonyms
Sentence rearrangement or Para jumbles
Sentence Correction/ Error Finding
Spell Checks
Cloze Test
Quantitative Aptitude
Total No of Questions: 50
Maximum Marks: 50
The topics to be covered in this section are­ao­2016­pattern­syllabus/



UIICL AO 2016 Pattern and Syllabus

Number Series
Data Sufficiency
Data Interpretation [ Bar Graph, Pie Chart, Table, Line Graph, Radar Chart, Mixed Graph]
Quadratic Equations
Time and Work
Profit and Loss
Time, Distance and Speed – Trains, Boats n Streams
Simple and Compound interest
Mixture and Alligation
Ratio and Proportion, Percentages, Averages
General Awareness (with special reference to Financial Sector)
Total No of Questions: 40
Maximum Marks: 40
The syllabus for this section is...

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