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My Knowledge of Wrtiting

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My Knowledge of Writing
My experience with writing is minimal and has been composed of mostly operational and personal levels. I am excited about taking EN105 and expanding upon the writing skills I learned during my military career. Writing has only recently become a favorite subject for me. I attribute to this to my experience with how different people communicate and how each culture has differentiated itself from the others. Communication is important to me, but more important are the subtleties of different dialects and how each society communicates through its own unique rhetoric. I feel as if no one was able to articulate the importance of English during my high school years. This is why I am leaning strongly toward a degree in English. Maybe one day, I can be the individual who helps others like myself understand the importance of English and communicating through writing. For me, the process of learning to write has mostly involved the use of military rules, guidelines, and standards. I have learned that writing in the military is quite different from writing as an EN105 student. The biggest difference between the two is the use of verbiage and rules when writing. This is why, in my previous introduction to the class, I stated that as an EN105 student, I am like a salmon. A salmon will travel a great distance and encounter what seem to be unconquerable obstacles, but in the end, it reaches its goal. I feel that this class will be challenging, and some of my obstacles will include me prioritizing my deployment, traveling, and maintaining the standards for each of the discussions and assignments. Like the salmon, I am also determined, and will continue this journey until I reach my goal.
I have been fortunate with the people I have come to know who have shared their experiences with writing. The most helpful instructions I have received are from other...

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