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My Life as a Teenager

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My Life as Teenager

Teenage life is a critical days for teenagers. It is the time wherein we experience identity crisis… we were troubled of so many things around us. The physical changes that occurs commonly to a teenager… also we experience some emotions or feelings that is difficult to explain. In this stage some of the teenagers feel in love in which some find it difficult to handle. They become obsessed and others become rebellious to their parents thinking that, they’re parents could not support nor will be against with what they want. Teenage life must not be confused. Teenagers should not make the flow of his life too fast… explore it but remember there’s limits or boundaries that should be consider. Being careful with everything is more important than regretting one single wrong action done. Teenagers should take the advices of their parents or elders for these advices will help them understand their self better. It will help them become a better person. My life as a teenager is such wonderful. Though sometimes, I experienced doubts and some teenagers will say that my life is a boring one, I’m very much sure that I’m in the right track for my parents guide me always. I’ m proud of being myself… thinking and analyzing everything to make my life as teenager good as ever, no regrets but good memories to reminisce when time comes. Teenage life is the most exciting, memorable experience that one should treasure! Just enjoy...

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