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My Life In A Wheelchair

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Twelve years ago I was in an accident and I’ve been in a wheelchair ever since.

- How has your life changed?

My life has changed dramatically. But I’m not so sure, that the fact of a wheelchair upsets me. I’ve been working at the same company for eight years. I help kids with disabilities and run different projects. I’m very happy doing my job and I don’t think I would’ve found it if it wasn’t for a wheelchair. Also, I have so many friends now. It’s hard to find true, loyal and awesome people. I’m very lucky. Everything has changed, but I have a very busy life now. It helps me to build character.

- The friends you’re referring to are new people in your life or the old ones?

They are mostly new. I had an old best friend, who was with me during the accident, but she died after. Almost all
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I think every person is unique. Wheelchair doesn’t make me different. My personal qualities make me different, even a little bit crazy. I’m a very thoughtful, deep person, but I can also be funny, stupid, and playful. I can wear a mask and ride a metro in it or yell ‘Happy New Year!’ in the middle of summer. It’s normal for me. I love it when people smile and in good spirits.

- Are you independent? Do you make decisions on your on?

Yes, I am and yes, I do. It’s one of my flaws too: when you think you’re the only one who’s right. When you’re experienced and hardened enough you think: ‘I know it all’. But that’s not always true, it’s just one side of the medal, people might look from different perspective. I realized my point of view is not standard, the majority thinks differently. Sometimes you just need to listen to others.

- Do you think there are people who would like to change places with you?

Maybe. Many people have boring lives, so they think: ‘Masha is so lucky, she has a job, she travels a lot'. People think I live a rich life and they want to live it too.

- Don’t you think you’re a burden for your loved

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