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My Life in Ten Years

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My Life in Ten Years
Dayna B. Davis
Breckenridge School of Nursing

Being a single mother of three you never know where life will take you. It’s hard to believe that in 10 years I will be the mother of a 22, 17 & 13 year old. My journey into the nursing field started with a certificate in Medical assisting which I obtained in 2005. Shortly after that I continued my education in the medical field by returning to receive my certificate in Medical Insurance Billing. I wanted to be sure that nursing was my true passion before embarking on such a complicated yet passionate field. And once I received confirmation my journey began.
Before I begin to tell you what my plan is let me start out with why. Three years ago I gave birth to my only daughter via C-section. During the routine procedure I experienced what is called a “pseudo seizure” and have no memory of daughter until what I would eventually learn was two days after the procedure. It was during my week long stay in the hospital that I realized nursing was my calling. The care I received was amazing and the time that the nursing staff took to explain what had happen as well as answer any and all questions I had was very touching. And shortly after being discharged I began my search that would lead me to ITT Tech/ Breckenridge School of Nursing.
My ultimate goal is that in ten years I will be a very successful nurse anesthetist with plenty of accolades and degrees under my belt. While I am currently a student in my first year at Breckenridge School of nursing, it is my ultimate goal to obtain my BSN and MSN concurrently shortly after completing my RN. In less than a year I will graduate and I am looking forward to what my future brings.
It is my ultimate goal to one day become employed at University of Michigan Hospital. With the degrees I hope to obtain it is my goal to make enough to be able financially...

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