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I leaned over the toilet for the fourth time this morning spilling whatever was left in my stomach. I dry heaved for the next five minutes trying to rid whatever was giving me this ill feeling. Once I finished I wiped the sweat off my forehead and laid back against my cold tub. It felt good against my warm skin. I removed my sweat drenched shirt and just laid against the tile floor. I have never experience such pain and nausea in my life. I didn’t want to think about the many possibilities that could be wrong with me.
"Ki you alright?" asked my eight year old brother behind my bathroom door.
"Yes boo just go get me a bottle of water." I could hear him scurrying off down the stairs to the kitchen. I tried my best to stand up but I just felt too weak. All of a sudden my body grew very tired and I couldn’t get my body to move. I heard my door open and a scream.
"Mom, Dad hurry!" yelled my brother Jasone. I didn’t understand why he was screaming until I followed his horrified eyes down to my floor and there was blood everywhere. I slowly reached up to touch my nose and I felt the blood all over my hands and I knew something was definitely wrong. My brother rushed over to me and held my head in his lap as he cried. I tried to reach up and touch him but it all hurt too much.
"Lord please I’m not ready to die." I said to myself.
"Mom!!" my brother cried out again.
"Jasone what is you doing in your sister room and screaming on-" she couldn’t continue her sentence as she saw the scene in front of her.
"Don Don hurry!" She quickly rushed over to me and held my head from Jasone.
"Baby what wrong where do it hurt?" she asked frantically.
I only could think of one word. "Everywhere." My dad quickly rushed into my bathroom and from then on everything moved into fast motion. The ambulance came and I could see all our nosy ass neighbor outside pointing and gossiping about what was going on.
"We need to go Asap Carl. Fever is 103.3." I heard the paramedic yell to the driver.
I could slowly feel the blackness take over me as I tried to talk but it was no words and I started welcoming the calmness it brought over me.
"She is going into shock." I could hear my mother and brother cries and they tried to work on me. I thought I had more life to live, but I believe when it was my time it was my time.
“Everything is going to be okay.” I assured them as I let the black night take over me.
Beep Beep Beep
The sound kept playing over and over in the back ground.
Beep Beep beep.
I groaned at the sound and tried to turn over but my body was so stiff. I heard some movement and decided to open my eyes. When I did it was the worst thing I thought I could ever do.
“Aghhh.” I screamed. The light was so bright it gave me the worst headache in Texas.
“Turn them damn lights off and get the Dr.”
“Please make it stop.” I cried. I reached up to rub my eyes and forehead but there was so many things attached to me it made it difficult.
“Sweetheart its okay relax please relax and slowly open your eyes.”
“It hurt so much.”
“I know baby, it’s going to be okay.” I slowly did what mother said and relaxed. My tensed muscled calm down and I was slowly able to open my eyes. I blinked multiple times to get my surroundings in and realized I was in the hospital.
“Mom what’s going on?” I could barely put the pieces together of what has happened. She quickly brushed my long black hair back and kissed my forehead.
“You are in the hospital baby. Your brother found you in the bathroom lying in your on blood. Why didn’t tell me y wasn’t feeling well.”
“I- it wasn’t that bad until this morning.” I started remembering me throwing up and how sweaty and nauseated I was.
“Oh baby, it wasn’t this morning.”
“What?” I looked at her confused. I could see her stress all over her face. Her hair was everywhere, she looked tired and worn out. How long was I out?
“A week baby.” She answered my mental question. Just when I was about to bombard her with questions my dad burst through the door with bags.
“Bae I brought some clothes and food.”
“Don she is awake.” My mom cried. My dad quickly stopped what he was doing and looked at me with tears in his eyes. I was always a daddy’s girl and I don’t think age will ever diminish that. He quickly rushed over to me and places kisses all over my face and thanking the lord. I never heard my dad say thank you to the higher power as much as I did in the past two minutes.
“I’m okay dad.”
“Oh baby girl, you scared the dog shit out of us.”
“I know I’m sorry.”
“Don’t do that you have nothing to be sorry about. Just get better baby girl.” I looked around for my brother but he was nowhere to be seen.
“Where is Jasone?”
“He at school, he’s been staying with your aunt Christy since we been here. He will be so happy to hear you’re awake.” She smiled at me.
Just when I was going to question some more, the nurse and doctors came rolling in with their clipboards.
“Hello Kimono, I’m Dr. Rams, I’ve been your attending physician for the past week.” I shook his hand politely.
“I have a few question for you if you don’t mind, to confirm my suspicion of your diagnosis.” I gulped at what could have been wrong with me. I just nodded.
“Have you had any loss of appetite or nausea, vomiting?”
“Yes for a couple days, but I thought it was the bug that’s was going around school.”
“Okay okay, how about any weakness, fever, pains?”
“Weakness yes but just some muscle cramps that’s all.”
“You had a pretty bad nose bleed, do you get those often and I saw a couple of bruises can you explain those also.”
“Bruises where when?” I asked shocked. I tried looking over my body but I couldn’t see any which was frustrating me the most.
“It’s okay calm down sweetheart.” I laid back as the doctor continued to look over my chart and before he tap his pen against the clipboard.
“I’m going to examine you and run a few more test to be sure and as soon as I get the results I will get back to you. Okay?”
I nodded and let him do the work up and spit out some medical terms to the nurses as the rushed to write it all down. I started to get nervous and the machines detected that. My mom quickly came back over and held my hand and soothingly rub over my hand. I looked at her with tears in my eyes.
“It’s okay baby girl just breathe.” The doctor finally looked down at me with a small warm small.
“Kimono its okay darling we don’t know anything yet that’s why we running test to be sure. Okay? Trust me we will get to the bottom of this. Now that you are awake it will be much better and helpful in find out the problem and the solution.” I just simply nodded my head and laid back to let him continue the exam. I took slow deep breath and my mind clear of all negative thoughts. Eventually I relaxed enough that I fell into a nice sleep.
I don’t know how long I was sleep but when I did come around, the sight is not what I wanted to see. My mom was crying heavily in my dad chest as he held her tightly. The doctor was saying things too quiet for me to catch, and the more he talked the more she broke down. I could see the sympathetic look on his and now the nurse face as I finally notice her. She noticed me looking and quickly spoke to the doctor. They all looked towards me and the looks got worse. My parents was a mess and my dad was barely holding himself and mom up. I saw the doctor papers in his hand. I had to ask.
“What’s going on?” I croaked out.
“Oh my baby my baby.” She cried. I was waiting for the answer when the doctor turned to me and slowly walked next to my bed. He reached back and pulled the chair next to my bed as my dad took my hysterical mom out the room.
“It can’t be that bad. Could it? She can be dramatic sometimes.” I coached myself. The nurse grabbed my other and hand slowly caressed it, giving me a sad smile. I whipped my head back to the doctor wanting answers now.
“Can you please tell me what’s going on? What’s are my results? What’s happening?”
He took a slow deep breathe and began to explain every detail from my symptoms, the different test, straight down to my confirmed diagnosis. I felt the tears welling up in my eyes and run down my face as he spoke numbers, statistics, and other bullshit I was not trying to hear. I sobbed to my heart desire as the doctor and nurse tried to consoled me. I finally got myself together after thirty minutes of heart wrenching cries. I looked at the doctor hoping to get an answer that would satisfy my breaking heart.
“I’m going to be alright though, right?” The look on their faces told me everything. He began to speak but I held my hand up and stopped him. I really didn’t want hear no practiced, by the book bullshit.
“I am going to be alright.” I kept repeating to myself. I finally looked at the doctors, nurse and finally my parents that reenter the room.
“I AM GOING TO BE ALRIGHT!!” I yelled out as I laid my head back on the bed with my eyes closed and let the tears continue to fall. The worst part was I didn’t know if I was trying to convince all of them, myself, or both.

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