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My Lost Homework Assignment

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My Lost Homework Assignment

I completed my homework assignment and left it sitting on the table. I went to get my folder so I could put it away. It took me just seconds to return to the table. My homework was gone. What could have happened to it so quickly? I checked the dog, the children and even my wife. Nobody knew anything about my missing homework. So I started a search with the help of everyone in my family. While searching I saw paper hanging out the window. It was the cover page. Then I looked outside for the other pages. As I searched I found another page in the garage. How it got there I’ll never know. As I continued my search my next door neighbor stopped me and asked if I had I lost something. I said yes. He pulled a crumpled piece of paper out of his car. He went and explained that it had blown into his car a couple blocks back. The last paper of my homework was found when I had given up on searching for it. My phone rang, and it was my brother. He was almost a mile away at the gas station pumping his gas when a paper blew on to his foot. He said when he removed it he saw my name on it, and had to give me a call. I didn’t believe it so I told him to bring it with him. To my surprise it was my final page. Even up to this day the events of the missing homework assignment is still a mystery to...

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