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My Mexican Friend

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My Mexican Friend

N***** Hermosillo was born in 1974 in Mendota, Illinois to illegal Mexican parents. They did not speak English. At the age of one, due to the deportation of her family, Nelly Hermosillo celebrated her first birthday in cotton fields in Sonora, Mexico. And so, after one and half year, her parents legalized their American residency and they came back in United States and lived in Chicago, Illinois.

“At the age of eight, my dad enrolled me in Taekwondo.” she said. In her first day in the class Taekwondo, she was shin and she thought; she was not going to do well but at her grand surprise, she discovered that her dad had been training her by playing with her each time’ she wanted to watch TV; it was a training but she did not have any idea what and why she was doing what her dad asked her to do. What it was? It was just a game for her. Until at the beginning of the Taekwondo class. They started by stretching, the master discovered she was very flexible. "My dad used to permit me to watch TV at only condition if I could do 180o and laid flat on my stomach." she said; and she continued to say “Four years later, I got my black belts in Yoga and the Taekwondo".

Since, she was always surrounded by people only spoke English, at the school and Taekwondo class and spent a very little time at home she did not understand Spanish and spoke very a little bit. The communication between her and her parents became really hard because they spoke only Spanish. Do to that fact, "Dad decided to move back to Mexico, like that we could speak Spanish my brothers and my sister and I" she said. She was under age, and she did not have an opinion; like if she wanted to go or not.

She was 15 years old, when she became her dad's secretary; at their company Book's delivery, she said it was very hard to be her dad secretary it was like at work 24/7. A lot...

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