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1) Determine whether Mg, SI, Si and Cl are in the same group or period. Give reason for your answer.
2) Say, with a reason which group F, Cl, Br, I and At belong to.
3) Explain with the aid of an equation what happens when chlorine gas is bubbled through aqueous potassium bromide solution.
4) State one reason why barium reacts faster than calcium with water.
5) Predict physical and chemical properties of unknown element, given R.A.M., melting point and number of valence electrons.
6) Classify strontium and astatine as metal or non-metal. Predict reactivity of strontium relative to calcium; include equation.
7) Compare reactivities of Ca and Sr with dilute HCl; write equation for Ca reaction with HCl. Predict with reason physical state of At at room temperature.
8) Predict what would happen if chlorine were bubbled into a solution of astatine salt. Give reason for prediction.
9) Write balanced equation for reaction when aqueous chlorine is bubbled into aqueous potassium oxide.
10) Predict with reason reactivity of hypothetical metal below barium in the periodic table. Give reason for your answer.
11) Deduce bonding between strontium and chlorine based on its position relative to other group 2 elements.
12) Write a formula for strontium chloride.
13) Name the property of compounds upon which fractional distillation is based.
14) Plan and design experiment to obtain solid sea salt from a mixture of seawater and sand. List main observations as separation proceeds.
15) Calculate solubility of substance X at different temperatures. Plot graph of solubility data. Use graph to make deduction about solubility of X. Use graph to determine volume of water required to dissolve given mass of solvent. Use solubility curve to calculate mass of X deposited due to drop in temperature.
16) Use simple distillation to determine the percentage of ethanoic acid produced...

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