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My Morning

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Oscar Islas
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26 January, 2013
My Morning (Ex 14.11) I have a really hard time waking up in the morning, so I put on three alarms to wake me up. I put one on at 7:30am just too kind of get me shaken-up and be aware that it’s time to be up. Then I put another one at 7:40am to remind me to wake up again, if this alarm goes on it usually because I am still in bed. The third alarm I put on goes off at 7:45am. Now, if this alarm goes on I literally jump out of my bed and race my way to class, but I usually never wait that that long. The time I am usually up is 7:40am. When I get up I just lay there for a couple minutes and gather my thoughts. I like to run things through my head that I need to get done in the day. After I am done processing my thoughts and know what I have to get done today I reach over to my desk and grab my phone. I check all my social media before I get up from my bed. I check my Facebook notifications, and reply to anything friends comment on my status updates. After my Facebook quick check, I scroll through my Twitter and see what the popular trends are for the day. Usually it tells me the breaking news or anything that is happening in the world. Then I check my Instagram feed, instagram is a social media where friends you follow post pictures and edit them with awesome photo effects. Lastly, I check my emails. I usually hope and pray one of my professors cancel class but that never happens.

When I am done checking all of my emails and social media, I figure out in my head what I am going to wear for the day. I take into consideration if it’s cold, hot, warm, rainy or humid and I finally get off from my bed. I open up my drawer and get out the jeans I’m going to wear. I walk over to my other drawer and pick out a shirt I wanted to wear. I walk over to my toiletries bag and take it to the restroom. Brushing my teeth first is probably one of the most important things for me in the morning, wash my face second, and then shave if I have time. After I have done all that in the morning, I walk back to my room and get my backpack. I look at my schedule and see what classes I have today and put all the books I need in my bag, make sure I’m not missing any paper work or homework that was due. When I’m done putting everything in my bag, I usually realize that I don’t have any shoes on. So I rush to find clean socks, my socks always disappear so it’s really hard to find clean ones. I know, that’s pretty gross but I am sure it happens to a lot of people. Then I put on my shoes and check if I have my keys, wallet and phone. After I check for all of that, I am running to the elevator at 7:55am for my 8:00am class.

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