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My Mother Never Worked

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1. Is the essay`s title effective? If so, why? If not, what alternate title can you suggest?
No, it is not effective. I would suggest “My stay-at-home mother is a hard-working person.”
2. Smith-Yackel could have outlined her mother`s life without framing it with the telephone conversation. Why do you think she includes this frame?

This is done to bring a sense a reality to the text and appeal to readers. Yakel also takes full paragraph out of her mother's diary, to make an emotional connection between the reader and Yakel's mother. This also helps the readers directly relate to Yakel's mother by including dialogue that show exactly how her mother is feeling.
3. What strategies does Smith-Yackel use to indicate the passing of time in her narrative?
Yakel includes all the dates, especially the years, so the readers can recognize or even relate to surrounding environment. Such as in 1931, Yakel's mother went through a drought, therefore people who had experiences such as this can relate to Yakel's mother's hardship.
4. This narrative piles details one on top of another almost like a list. Why does the writer include so many details?
The author wants the readers recognize, appreciates and even relate to her mothers work as she does. And not discard years of service and hardship towards her family, as Social Security did. For the same reason she describes the most smallest of the details from her mom`s diary.
5. In paragraph 20 and 21 what is accomplished by...

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