My Musical Autobiography

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My Musical Auto-Biography
Music 103
Giovanni Classen
Dr. Bethany Reeves

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. To me, composers paint a thousand pictures through melody, rhythm, and artistic lyrical ability. As I’ve grown, music has been a major part of my life; whether through culture and getting together with family, grabbing an instrument (I played the “Güiro”, a Latin instrument, in which I grabbed a metal object which resembled a comb and brushed it against an object with notches in it creating a ratchet like sound.), and just playing into the night. When I was younger, I was also a member of the choir where I attended church and catholic school, being an alto until puberty kicked in. So whether I was conscious of it or not, music has always found its way into my life. I like to say that music is in my blood. My father plays the guitar and sings in nightclubs occasionally throughout the city. I have a cousin in Puerto Rico who plays the Cuatro, a Latin 10 string instrument resembling a guitar; he also sings, performs, and sells his music. Two brothers of mine along with myself are also heavily involved with music. Coming from a poverty stricken neighborhood riddled with drugs, violence, and death, we used Hip-Hop as a tool for expression, giving voice to the issues while at the same time painting a picture for others to see what it’s like within our world. A musical event that I would like to write about would be my first mixtape release party and debut of “The World Uplifted”. The date was May 20, 2012 and this event was the culmination of years of hardwork, determination, and internal struggles. I was, at the time, signed as a Hip-Hop recording artist with an independent record label called So Phenomenal Ent., LLC. My project “The World Uplifted” was an idea that through the power of…...

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