My Nursing Philosophy

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My Nursing Philosophy
Before starting this assignment, I had not thought about my beliefs and principles as a nurse. I was aware that not all nurses have the same moral values, however I did not know specifically what I believed in. In my professional experiences, I have disagreed with decisions made by my colleagues, but I never considered how much of this can be related to values. According to (2010), to develop an accurate philosophy of nursing, one must contemplate the qualities of the endeavors to which a nurse obligates their heart and soul to. After a lot of thought of the practices I follow and feel important, I have decided that my main nursing philosophies are to promote client advocacy, maintain client respect, and implement accuracy of care.
While working with geriatric clients, there are instances when the client is unable to articulate their needs or problems. Some of the geriatric clients suffer from memory loss, confusion, and anxiety which lead to the inability to communicate effectively. In these situations, I am their confidant, voice, and most importantly advocate. I use clear communication, education, and apply critical and decision thinking skills to help improve their health while providing a safe environment.
In order to have a nurse – client relationship, the client has to trust the nurse. I am nonjudgmental of the client’s lifestyle or beliefs. Therefore to gain their trust, I follow through with requests, return to the room when believed, and take the time to get to know them. Maintaining a client’s respect is very important to me. I do my best to respect the client’s wishes and beliefs, even though sometimes they do not match my own. I strive to communicate with the client in a sincere but professional manner about their care and any issues that may occur.
The nursing facility I work for has a nurse to client ratio…...