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1. What type of leadership is most used in your organization? In your opinion, what leadership style is most effective in your current organization? Is the leadership style most used the same as the leadership style most effective? Discuss.

The type of leadership used in my organization is a mixture of autocratic and democratic. On major decision, autocratic will be exercised. Decision making on areas such as pricing strategy, appointment of supplier and marketing strategy are decided solely by my CEO. Other areas such as logistics, appointment of distributors, staff employment, accounting and other administrative tasks are decided through democracy. Meetings will be called up to discuss on pros and cons before majority make the decision to proceed. In my opinion, I think this kind of leadership style in effective to the certain extend as there delegation and empowerment to the management team to perform at their best. CEO does not micro manage on issues that senior managers can handle whilst CEO focus on gearing the company direction on areas setting up foundation for the company direction. Senior managers have room to present their ideas and supported by justifications that can be brained storm together for further evaluation. This hybrid style of leadership I think is working well as our organization is still at the growing stage and the dynamics of the member are made this possible. We were able to extend our distributing channels to 5 countries in a short span of 12 months time.
I think this leadership style works very well when our organization at the budding stage, in fact everyone was performing at their best as each were given the opportunity to present their ideas and some were adopted because there were really good. For example we have weekly updates and communication going on through web conference and most of the discussions were in fact done in…...

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...Online courses are not for everybody, just as not every student is successful in traditional collage classes In general the successful online student should possess the following qualities. __Be open minded about sharing work,life and educational experience as a part of learning process __Be able to communicate through writing __Be self motivated and self disciplined __Be willing to “SPEAK UP “ when problems arise __Be willing and able to commit 8 to 9 hours per week per course __Be able to meet the minimum requirments for course __Accept critical thinking and decision making as the part of the learning process __Have a access to a computer and a modem __be able to think ideas through before responding ,feel that high quality learning can take place without going a traditional class-room. Well, reading this assignment of Guidelines and Thoughts for Acedemic success I reaaly impressed ! However we need all those characteristic to become a successful student.Thinking about characteristic for successful l student I would like to add one more characteristic is “ HARD WORKING” If you are hard working ,polite ,respectful ,well organize ,making goals no one can stop you to achive success. Being hungry for education you want to know more than you already know.As a life long learner I found valuable lessons from everyday experience. I believe in MYSELF ,feeling capable , Lovable and unconditionally worthy as a human beings. I ......

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