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Danish Student.

Our Use of Technology Has Gone Too Far.

Hello Mia, thank you for your inspiring, and meaningful letter.
I love the way you express your meanings, and still write what is happening to our brains with all this technology.
You say that in today’s world you can not sit with people who aren't using their phones. I completely disagree with you. In many cases people use their phones but most of my friends, and family can easily control the use of their phones. So I think it is very different from person to person.
We live in a world today where everything happens on phones, computers, iPads, and so on. We follow the news online we follow our friends and families life's online, and the most important of all is that we can keep in touch and connect with our acquaintances and friends.
I agree with a lot of your arguments but the “online life” is still a big part of the world today and we need to accept all the bad, and good things that comes with it.
I think that it is a great invention, and for everyday the technology is getting smarter, faster and also more complicated. I can see what you mean when you say it’s getting more dangerous when when you need to go by yourselves to the bank, and pay the bills. Exactly! But What if the systems breaks down one day? Then we will have to trust the smart people who are working all these things out for us, and we will be completely helpless.
I hope that you can see the things differently now and maybe this has changed your mind a little on the…...

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