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My Organization and Watson's Theory

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Nursing theory is a set of concepts that are used to define a phenomenon. It guides the nursing profession by defining the goals of nursing in an organization. I have picked Jean Watson’s Theory of Nursing: Human Science and Human Care. Her innovative nursing ideas and core principles for patient care in the hospitals and their communities have steered the nursing profession into providing optimal and holistic care for their patients. In 1988, Jean Watson's "Nursing: Human Science and Human Care" theory had created a new holistic care approach for the nursing discipline. This evolving new nursing approach rapidly became an interdisciplinary field of study that had relevance to all human service professions. Her Ten Caritas Processes includes: practicing loving-kindness with self and others; being authentically present; cultivating one's own spiritual practice f; being sensitive to the expression of positive and negative feelings of self and others; developing trusting-caring relationships; using scientific problem-solving methods for care decision making; engaging in a genuine teaching-learning experience that attends to unity of being; creating healing environments; assisting with basic physical, emotional, and spiritual needs; opening to mystery and allowing miracles to enter (George, 2010). These caritas acknowledge the unity of life and connections that move in the circle of caring- from individual, to others, to the community, to the world, and to the universe. Watson’s view of a human being is that of a “valued person in and of himself or herself” who needs to be respected and cared for. According to Watson health is referred to as the unity and harmony of within the mind body and soul (Watson, 2012). Nursing is focused on restoring and promoting health for the ill and their caregivers. Watson believed that in every patient interaction the caring...

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