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The two items I picked to experiment was spreading my belongings so as to occupy too much space and standing and talking with other people and not occupying too much space.
In my algebra class, 3 of us sit at a table, with just enough personal space for our textbooks and notebooks. When I arrived to class, the other two people were already at the table, they are a brother and sister. I haven’t spoke too much with them because the class just started 3 weeks ago and with lecture going on, there isn’t much time to talk. After I sat down, I pulled my textbook, notebook and calculator out and placed them on the table. As the lecture started, I appeared to be writing notes in my notebook and reading from the textbook. As I did this, I intentionally moved them out to occupy more of the space from the guy sitting next to me. I noticed as I moved them inch by inch, he would move his items back away inch by inch, giving me more space. Over the next hour, I did this more and more, until I occupied at least half of his space. He occasionally started throwing me dirty looks, but didn’t say much. I could tell he was getting irritated. As I moved my items another couple inches towards him, he finally asked me what my problem was. I said sorry and that I didn’t realize my books were so far in his area. He said that he wondered how I couldn’t of noticed that, he was getting squished. I then explained the experiment to him, and he laughed and said that he was really starting to get pissed off and was wondering why I was doing that.

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