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I am Francine Nathan, just call me France. I'm 20 years old and born on the 28th day of April, year 1994. I am the 3rd child among the 3 children of my parents. We live in Colombes, 20 minutes from Paris. I am a 1st year college student of BS Information Technology in System Technology Institute.
Dealing with my likes and dislikes. To persons I am usually with or even those I actually don't know who they are, I enjoy company with traits like mine. What matter is I could reflect myself to them. I love friends who also love me. On the other hand, I despise persons who are insensitive (though sometimes, I am one). I hate those who can't appreciate things; I get really emotional whenever this happens.
High School Experience
They say High School Life is the happiest moment of one's life. Maybe because this is the time where you will experience all one's "first".... and I supposed you know what does this 'first' means.. First love, first heartbreak, first kiss? First gimmick or outing with friends, first crush, or the first time of having guts to say I love you to someone. or maybe finding your 1st true friends. wow...
I attended my Secondary Education at Lycee Turgot, paris. There were lots of memories and I could not tell you much of it that would take me 3 hours or more to tell you the experiences I've been. I thought High school would be same as when I was in Elementary. Me and my friends used to play after school then go home by 3 pm, do our assignments, watch TV, sleep, wake up and go to school again... The normal cycle of studying. But what makes
Elementary and High School differ is the weight of maturity and realization that the matter of study now in High school is above-heavier than elementary and should take it seriously, coz what happens to you in this stage would reflect on how and what more you can and cannot do on your future years....

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