My Personal Learning Style

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My Personal Learning Assessment
Virginia Tucker
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February 26th, 2012
Deborah Hatfield

My Personal Learning Assessment
Many factors can affect a student’s ability to perform successfully in the classroom. One of these factors is his or her personal learning style. According to Howard Gardner, there are seven distinct learning styles (Gardner, 1985). The first of these styles is known as the “Verbal-Linguistic” Learner. A student with this type of learning style prefers to learn by using words and being vocal in class. He or she will use stories and enjoy question and answer sessions in class settings (Gardner, 1985). As with any learning style, there are problems that may arise with this particular learning style. Some examples include:
1. Difficulty with online classroom learning environments- These students strive on one-on-one interaction with both the instructor and other students. Not having this could greatly affect their learning ability.
2. Not working well with shy individuals in a team setting- “Verbal-Linguistic”
learners need social interaction to fully learn a subject being presented to them in
a class. These students may burden and or overshadow quieter students who
prefer to work in a quieter environment.

The second learning style is an “auditory” learner. An “auditory” learner relies on his or her hearing to succeed in the classroom. These students are very particular about their choice of words when speaking inside the classroom. They excel more with musical tasks and extra-curricular activities such as band. Teaching equipment such as CD-ROMs, audio cassettes, and guest speakers are highly beneficial to these types of learners (Gardner, 1985). Just as with a “verbal-linguistic” learner there can be many difficulties that can arise in the classroom for an “auditory-musical” learner. Some examples of these…...