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My Philosophy of Life

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Nowadays, in the XXIst century people are living life of the constant pursuit for money, successful career, what is making impression that only those values are important. Than they have to stop for a while and contemplate about their life goals, their life philosophy. This essay will present my philosophy of life.
First of all, the most important thing for me is my family. According to my rules, they are always on the first place, and can count on me, just the same like I can count on them. I was raised by my parents to be a good man who tries to be always kind and helpful for the other people and live in harmony with commandments of my religion. The next thing about my philosophy of life is a proper attitude what means that I have a lot of faith in myself and I am taking challenges with believing in final success. Optimism is very important in man’s life and we cannot forget about it, because it helps in bearing up with difficulties. Having friends is also important; however, the point is to choose wisely and surround yourself with well-wishing and loyal people which won’t stab you in the back when you will need help. My philosophy of life tells that I always have to be myself and listen to my heart as much as I listen to my mind and to play along with the voice of my conscience. I believe, that man should develop himself, every time try to experience something new and always use an opportunity to increase his knowledge in order to be conscious and intelligent.
Summing up, I am convinced that the best way to achieve happiness is to be loyal to your family and friends man who has optimistic view on future, as my philosophy of life...

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