My Place - the Place for Diversity Multimedia Analysis

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My Place - The Place for Diversity Multimedia Analysis
Human diversity is a social and psychological reality.
Diversity refers to the identification of the person for whom each is as it is and not as we would like. His identity. This recognition is what sets human dignity. So is talking about diversity of identity. Identity is what allows us to distinguish ourselves from others. Who we are. Every aspect of that identity puts us in a human group. The language we speak, the things we eat, our hobbies, our physical or mental characteristics or history with which we identify are some aspects of that identity.
The multimedia emulator "My Place" is a tool that shows how people just see the look or a brief summary of its history, a person labeled. Although for me it is very important not only to evaluate the book by the cover. The exercise of matching people with their biographies was very interesting and educational well as curious. Often my biggest problem was pairing race with the site of origin. He did not remember and with the global mixing is not only a German white with blue eyes for example. It can be any descent and born there. Just as religions that have spread worldwide an Islamic person is not just a Catholic Arab. We are all unique and increasingly mixing cultures have created a global citizen. Personally different viewpoints are good in all cases, whether in information systems or any other profession.
A profile that caught my attention was that Tammy did not seem as New York, the sex and the city look or complicated it looks like a New Yorker. This is one of the stereotypes we create as humans. I only can conceive what I see not what is hidden my visible dimension maybe consider optimism. The profile describe this person being born in Syracaur, NY, they lived in an upscale suburb. These people graduated at the age of 17, then went to college out of…...

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