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Many people don’t look at the back of their food products to see what is in the foods that they eat on a daily basis. I think it is important to view those labels because it will help with the overview of people’s food list. It also helps you to decide your overall eating plans. The nutritional labels alert you when there are foods that have high sugar, calories, and cholesterol. I think there should be increased government supervision on the contents of labels to help support the effort of obesity.
With increasing government supervision on the contents of labels, it will make sure the food labels provide more facts for people when choosing their foods. This is why they suggest that nutritionist be placed at WIC offices to help mothers and their children choose the best choices to encourage healthy eating habits. For instance, a mother that has a baby entering into the toddler stage and don’t have a clue on what are the right foods and measurements to give them. Many moms have a hard time searching for this especially if they are new moms. The nutritionist would help them notice what to look for on the labels and the measurements to feed a child.
The more practice you get on reading food labels will help you have an easier way to choose the right foods. For instance, on a box of Honey Comb cereal the nutritional facts give how many calories in eating a whole bowl of cereal and eating a half bowl of cereal. It also gives all the vitamins that are collected when choosing this type of cereal. In Nov.2011, the Huff Post Internet News, the FDA wants to revises the labels so that people can have more facts like giving the accurate serving sizes and the daily percentage of fat, sodium, and carbohydrates. This is a chance to change how well kids eat, sleep, and socializes in...

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