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Variable length format record: Is a data or file format that allows each record to be exactly as long as needed. (There is one mandatory Variable Length Record, GeoKeyDirectoryTag). Variable length record describes a situation in which records kept in a file have different number of characters. This means not all records in the file will be of the same size. This could be for reasons: * Some records could have more fields than others. * Fields themselves could vary in sizes. Variable length record means difficulties for the programmer but better utilization. Sequential files kept records using the concept of variable length. A variable-length record structure; this kind of structure makes it possible to have variable-length fields and repeating, or multi-valued, fields. Part of the importance of variable-length records for the field of library and information science is that they are an integral part of the MARC system of the Library of Congress.
The Format for Variable Length Records
You can specify the following formats for variable-length records: * V: Variable-length, unblocked * VB: Variable-length, blocked * VS: Variable-length, unblocked, spanned * VBS: Variable-length, blocked, spanned V-format allows both variable-length records and variable-length blocks. A 4-byte prefix of each record and the first 4 bytes of each block contain control information for use by the operating system (including the length in bytes of the record or block). Because of these control fields, variable-length records cannot be...

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