My Reasons for Returning to School

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Ronney Davis

My reasons for coming to College
During high school, I really did not think much, if at all, about going to college. I graduated from high school in 1982, after I graduated, I decided to join the military (US Army). I spent 10 years serving my country, but in 1992 decided to get out of the military. I moved to Philadelphia Pa, instead of returning to Chicago. I lived in Philadelphia pa for 14 years, where I worked as a chemical operator manufacturing and testing specialty chemicals for 13 of those years, but I lost my job once the plant I was working for closed. I worked odd jobs for two years, but never could find work I really wanted, so in October 2009 I decided to return home to Chicago. Once back in Chicago I could find work in the field I was looking for, so I took a Certified nursing assistant course (the job I’m working now), but Still not satisfied, so I started volunteering at my daughter school working with the staff, students and parents. I found myself working with teachers in over crowed classrooms. After the first year the school principal started noticing the work I was doing and was really impressed and asked had I ever considered going back to school and I said yes , but, and this started me to thinking . I have been around enough to know that that without education, I would never get anywhere in life, but I always found reasons for not taking the plunge, however
after a lot of thinking , I realized that my reasons for not going to college didn’t hold up to the benefits of going , so here I am focused and ready to take on the challenges Ahead of me and achieve my first goal of receiving my Associate of Arts degree from Olive Harvey college ,Then moving on to a four- year institution and receiving my Bachelors of Arts Degree. With this degree, it will open up more doors and opportunities for me. It will allow provide…...