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My Reflective Life Experience Paper

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Reflective Life Experience Paper

Reflective Life Experience Paper 1.) Place yourself in the nurse’s shoes and see the one nursed through her eyes. Describe the calls for caring perceived by the nurse. How is the nurse expressing caring in her responses to calls for nursing?

We see so many different situations and backgrounds as Nurses. To answer a call bell the same as any other night and walk in upon this couple and scenario, would be life changing for me as a human being and a Nurse. So many of the calls for caring are demonstrated by this Nurse. Supportive and assisting behaviors are demonstrated, with evident needs that immediately need consoling. Caring in her responses is shown from the initial walking into this room until departing. She introduced herself, allowing the grieving patient and husband to know who she is. The nurse asked the husband to remain by his wife’s side until further assistance could arrive. Wrapping the deceased baby in a blanket so the mother could hold the baby and say her last goodbyes demonstrated compassion. Asking the patient what names were picked for their baby clearly showed a genuine concern beyond just a work obligation. When I worked in the Antepartum/Postpartum units as a Patient Care Assistant, I have witnessed this situation more than I would have liked. The patients truly appreciate the Nurses presence, just being there and allowing last moments to be spent with their baby that will never be in their arms again.
I would express caring the same as this nurse did, by introducing myself, being of service, tending to the parents and baby with genuine concern, compassion as well as just being there for them in a time of need and grief. 2.) In the humility of the nursing situation, how does the father live hope, humility and trust? How is the father expressing his care?

The father lives with humility...

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